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 Welcome to the Eterus Nemus - Horde!

If you are looking for a guild where you will be treated equally, we are the guild for you. We believe that every player is unique and has something to offer. Everyone in Eternus Nemus has the ability to become as involved with guild activities as they want. Every member has guild repairs, because we all contribute to the guilds gold. Every member who joins the website and is over level 30 has Guild banking privileges. Every member who has joined the website has the ability to earn our highest member rank just by leveling their character. We are a guild where any member can become a member of the PVP team. No one left out, no one forgotten... Not unless you want to be.  be.
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Eternus Nemus going PVP!

NeedsPinsDolly, Nov 5, 13 2:37 PM.
We are excited to announce that Eternus Nemus is shifting in a new direction! We will continue our Guild LFR quick queues on Tuesdays, but that will be the entirety of the guild raiding experience.
Eternus Nemus is officially becoming a PVP guild!
The guild format and rules will in no way change due to us becoming a PVP guild. Members will still have all benefits they have now and the ability to choose how involved with guild events they want to be.
For any questions please in-game mail our Guild Master.

Season 14 PVP Requirements Change

NeedsPinsDolly, Sep 12, 13 9:35 PM.
The start of PVP Season 14 means we have had to update our guild PVP Requirements. If you are interested in PVPing with us this season please refer to the guild forum post on PVP Requirements. When you have met the guild PVP requirements please speak to or in-game mail Gauisus to get your toons name on the Approved PVPers list.

Happy Patch Day!

NeedsPinsDolly, Sep 10, 13 2:58 PM.

Guild Member of the Month September!

NeedsPinsDolly, Sep 6, 13 7:04 PM.
Congrats Daesy on being our Guild Member of the Month for September!

  To vote for Octobers Guild Member of the Month visit the Roster page and cast your vote!

Reaching That Rank Just Got Faster!

NeedsPinsDolly, Aug 16, 13 10:36 PM.
We have made an exciting change to our new member promotion system! Now new members no longer have to be a member of the guild for a week in order to be promoted. They only have to join the website. By joining the website we know that our new member has access to the Members Only forum and we assume that they have read the rules laid out within. So we find no reason to continue the week waiting period on promoting members who have joined the website.
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